Is it playing?

For an installation I’m working on I have auto-playing audio and visual elements which are controlled by user interaction with a physical object. Because of the narrative nature of the elements it is important that the one currently running finishes or is paused before allowing the next one to start. There’s quite a lot of […]

Installing Pandas on Mac OS

I’m used to Python being easier than this I’ve been using python for several years now so I’ve pretty much got my Python environment set up so that it’s easy and fast to use. Recently though I’ve been doing some data wrangling and have been following a few tutorials which rely on Anaconda or Miniconda. […]

Visicut – where’s my design gone

At Manchester Hackspace we use Visicut to send files to our laser cutter. It works beautifully with Inkscape svg’s and dxf files from anywhere. Unfortunately however, when you import an SVG from another program (I personally favour Affinity Designer), even if you pass it through Inkscape it sometimes does this: Wait, where did my design go? Oh, there it […]

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Mode using full Raspbian

Why use full Raspbian? For a start it’s a lot simpler.  It just works, if you compare this to the same instructions for Raspbian Lite the first thing you’ll notice is that this post is a lot shorter. Most of the stuff you have to install/setup as extra’s on Raspbian Lite to make this work […]

Stop embedded Google Maps capturing the scroll wheel

The problem with full width google maps is that they capture the scroll wheel so the moment you hit them, instead of continuing to scroll the map itself starts zooming (in or out depending on the direction you’re scrolling). The simplest solution to stop this is to wrap the map in an identifiable div and use […]

Bootstrap 4 full width iframe inside a container

For semantic purposes sometimes you want to nest a full width item (in this instance a google map iframe) inside a .container element. Here’s the map: In order to make this full size you first need to remove the width and height properties from the url then you need to substitute some custom css. The […]

Bootstrap 4 Carousel and Chrome

Neither bootstrap 4’s carousel nor the .img-flex class works properly on Chrome. Instead of flexing the images proportionately it shrinks them widthwise while retaining the original height. The result looks a bit weird: This is actually fairly simple to fix all you need to do is add object-fit: contain; to the css for .img-flex. Unfortunately that […]

Create an Alfred Workflow: the super simple URL shortener

Setup the basic Alfred workflow If you don’t have Powerpack for Alfred you might want to get it before you start, as none of this will work without it. Open Alfred Preferences, go to Workflows and hit the + button at the bottom of the list: For this workflow, we can start with an “Essentials” […]

Modelling a fidget spinner in Fusion 360

Whatever you think of the fidget spinner craze and their usefulness (or lack thereof) in schools, there is no denying that they’re fun to play with. They’re quite fun (and simple) to design too. Before you start you’re going to need some 608 Bearings (commonly used in skateboards), access to a 3D printer (try your […]