After a lot of work from thinkl33t (@thinkl33t), badspyro and myself Bugzilla is complete. Like her smaller brethren she is battery powered, although in her case the battery is somewhat bigger.

Building Bugzilla

Bugzilla is a scaled up version of the BUGS! we created for a kids electronics workshop in Blackburn last year. She is 5 times the size of a standard BUG! and took a LOT longer to make. She’s constructed from 3mm laser ply supplied by Kitronic and finished with Danish Oil. The LED eyes that the standard BUGS! have have also been scaled up (Giant LED eyes v2) and printed in resin. Inside the battery hole we have hidden an Arduino Uno and a CooMax 5000mAh Power Pack to power the two Adafruit NeoPixel Jewels that are embedded in the giant LEDs.

Image showing the gap inside BUGZILLA! containing the Arduino Uno and power source

The wooden circle is going to be covered in aluminium tape to mimic the look of the standard BUGS! as well as (eventually) providing a giant touch sensitive button which will allow us to change the pattern of the eyes without having to take Bugzilla apart.

We, and Bugzilla, will be at Liverpool MakeFest on Saturday 27th June 2015 and Manchester MakeFest 8th/9th August 2015. That is one enormous BUG!