Visicut - where's my design gone

Rescuing your design when Visicut eats it, without having to re-draw it in Inkscape.

Visicut - where's my design gone

At Manchester Hackspace we use Visicut to send files to our laser cutter. It works beautifully with Inkscape svg's and dxf files from anywhere. Unfortunately however, when you import an SVG from another program (I personally favour Affinity Designer), even if you pass it through Inkscape it sometimes does this:

apparently empty Visicut screen

Wait, where did my design go? Oh, there it is, that's not the size it should be:

apparently empty Visicut screen with arrow pointing to the location of the design

This is extremely frustrating but there is a solution, albeit a horribly hacky one, and you don't have to redraw your design in Inkscape. If you click on that fragment of width measurement you get this popup:

width dialog

You can now give your design a more sensible width (ideally the one you want it to end up). It still wont be visible though:

Visicut screen showing the width has changed but that the image still isn't visible

However, you can now just about see the height label. If you click on it you'll get the height dialog:

height dialog

Once you've set the height back to what it should be your design will reappear and you can cut it as usual.

Visicut screen with visible design

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