WordPress hacking: display only future posts

I recently inherited a WordPress site which uses a future posts plugin to allow you to publish posts with dates in the future. This is great and a very simple solution for sites that list events but don’t need complex calendar functionality. However, it had no way of automatically removing events listings which were now in […]

Rainbow text using css

I fancied making some rainbow text for a project I’m working on, and in order to maintain accessibility, I wanted to do it using css. It turns out that that isn’t actually too difficult. All you need to do is: generate a linear-gradient clip it to the text change the text colour to transparent set […]

Graphical programming interfaces for Arduino

My limited experience of graphical programming interfaces in general is that they can be quite hit and miss, particularly if you’re looking for a combination of an easy to use interface and good code complication. That said having grown up with computers that were barely capable of graphical interfaces I have never really used them […]

“See” like a bat – bat goggles code

Here be code to make an Arduino, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor and a piezo buzzer mimic sonar. I’ve used this to for bat goggles but you could equally hack it to control a wall avoiding robot. This was written for a series of workshops I’m delivering for MadLab. If you wish to make your own […]

WordPress tomfoolery

I was recently asked to make what was effectively a sub-site within WordPress, so mybrilliantsite.com/apparentlydifferentsite, given that WordPress is generally setup to do a single site (with corresponding site title) per install (WordPress multiuser is intended for sub-domains) this required a little bit of fiddling (and a child theme, or self coded theme). NB, I am predominantly […]

Python battleship

For the lovely ladies on my short Introduction to Programming course here is an answer to the code challenges at the end of the course, this is not the only answer, nor is it necessarily the best answer but it does work and has been thoroughly tested. The challenges were to add the following functionality to your […]