Graphical programming interfaces for Arduino

My limited experience of graphical programming interfaces in general is that they can be quite hit and miss, particularly if you’re looking for a combination of an easy to use interface and good code complication. That said having grown up with computers that were barely capable of graphical interfaces I have never really used them […]

“See” like a bat – bat goggles code

Here be code to make an Arduino, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor and a piezo buzzer mimic sonar. I’ve used this to for bat goggles but you could equally hack it to control a wall avoiding robot. This was written for a series of workshops I’m delivering for MadLab. If you wish to make your own […]

It’s alive! Alive!

  After a lot of work from thinkl33t (@thinkl33t), badspyro and myself Bugzilla is complete. Like her smaller brethren she is battery powered, although in her case the battery is somewhat bigger. Building Bugzilla Bugzilla is a scaled up version of the BUGS! we created for a kids electronics workshop in Blackburn last year. She is 5 […]

Giant LED eyes v2

Having proved I could print a shell 5 times the size of a standard LED I thought I’d repeat the process on MadLab’s newly acquired resin printer (it’s a Form 1+) to see what the difference in quality was. As you can see it’s a much cleaner, more solid looking print albeit a touch wonky. It also […]

Giant LED eyes

This is a sneak preview of the 3D printed LED “eyes” I’m making for the giant BUG!  We’ll have the giant BUG! on display and normal sized ones available to make at both Liverpool MakeFest (27th June) and Manchester MakeFest (8th/9th August). This is the BUG! itself at a very early stage of construction:  I assembled the normal […]