Home Learning: Maths Squares

Published: Sat 09 January 2021
Updated: Sat 09 January 2021

In Home Learning.

We were sent some “quick maths” squares as part of our KS1 remote learning package from school and 5yo LOVES them so I whipped up a quick generator to make some more in different sizes.

Please note that I have set no maximums or minimums on this so you can if you want attempt to generate a square with 1000 rows or -10 columns. The former will work (providing you let it have more numbers than rows) and the latter will give you a single column with “undefined” as the numbers in it. Here’s a jsfiddle if you want to play with it.

To print

These are generated as images using the free html to jpg API from GrabzIt. This makes them a bit slow to load compared to a pure JavaScript implementation as I put on jsfiddle, however it does make them easily printable. If you want to print them just right click > open in new tab and print as usual.



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