Raspberry Pi Kiosk Mode using full Raspbian

Why use full Raspbian? For a start it’s a lot simpler.  It just works, if you compare this to the same instructions for Raspbian Lite the first thing you’ll notice is that this post is a lot shorter. Most of the stuff you have to install/setup as extra’s on Raspbian Lite to make this work […]

Raspberry Pi Setup: tools to make your life better

If you set up a lot of Raspberry Pis you start searching for tools to make your life easier. Here are a few of mine: Mini keyboard and mouse combo Although I mostly set things up headless, occasionally it’s helpful to have a USB keyboard and mouse that you can simply plug in and go. […]

Adding a shutdown button to your Raspberry Pi Flask App

If you’re running a Flask App on your Raspberry Pi in Kiosk mode you may find that you want to add a shutdown button to the ensemble so that you can switch the Pi off safely without having to SSH into it and manually issue the shutdown command. Based on Adding a Shutdown Button to […]

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Mode using Raspbian Lite

Download the latest Rasbian Lite from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (at time of writing we’re on Jessie) and unpack it so you’ve got a .img file. Setting up the SD card NOTE: The following section is a truncated version of the Mac instructions from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Instructions for other operating systems (or further details […]