Is it playing?

For an installation I’m working on I have auto-playing audio and visual elements which are controlled by user interaction with a physical object. Because of the narrative nature of the elements it is important that the one currently running finishes or is paused before allowing the next one to start. There’s quite a lot of […]

Stop embedded Google Maps capturing the scroll wheel

The problem with full width google mapsĀ is that they capture the scroll wheel so the moment you hit them, instead of continuing to scroll the map itself starts zooming (in or out depending on the direction you’re scrolling). The simplest solution to stop this is to wrap the map in an identifiable div and use […]

JQuery snippet: automatic highlights

Sometimes you want to highlight a word automagically without having to go through and manually add <span> tags all over the place. Of course you also want to do this without breaking anything else that has been wrapped in a <p> tag. Ahem, WordPress I’m looking at you. The first line of this iterates over […]