Flask basics – setting environment variables

Lots of Flask tutorials recommend setting environment variables to protect any private information stored in the settings of the app. This is good advice, it only takes a moment of inattention to commit sensitive information to your GIT repo and then push it to a public place such as GitHub. If you’re using a virtualenv […]

Inkscape experiments: tesselate an SVG then crop to size

Inkscape doesn’t really have a crop function, it’s intended to be non-destructive, but, if you’re using it to laser cut then sometimes you really want to chop a section out of a bigger object or pattern, for example if you want to cover the whole side of an object with a pattern. Depending on which […]

SSH – why can I never remember this stuff?

This is a short post containing all the useful ssh stuff I forget on a distressingly regular basis. Where are my damn SSH keys anyway? Unless you need to generate yourself some new ones they’ll be in ~/.ssh If you need to make some run: ssh-keygen and follow the instructions – need more detail? Digital […]