WordPress Basics: get recent featured images by category

Sometimes you want to have an image slider which not only contains the most recent images on your site but does so by category to ensure that all of the categories on your site are included: First get the categories: [code lang=”php”]$categories=get_categories();[/code] By default this returns the categories in alphabetical order and ignores any empty ones. […]

Flask basics: lose the favicon 404

If the fact that the Flask development server cant find your favicon annoys you shove your favicon into your static folder and do this: [code lang=”py”] @app.route("/favicon.ico") def favicon(): return(url_for(‘static’,filename=’favicon.ico’) [/code] NOTE: this is one of several ways of getting rid of that particular error and is the one I’m using today. I’ll add more […]

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Mode using Raspbian Lite

Download the latest Rasbian Lite from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (at time of writing we’re on Jessie) and unpack it so you’ve got a .img file. Setting up the SD card NOTE: The following section is a truncated version of the Mac instructions from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Instructions for other operating systems (or further details […]